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AZORIA - Seasons Change - LRCD016


The debut album by melodic metal Azoria called Seasons Change is featuring a great different vocalists just like Avantasia to make the best possible result for each song!

Featuring guest appearences from Snowy Shaw (Therion, King Diamond, Sabaton) Mike Andersson (Fullforce, Cloudscape), Tommy ReinXeed (ReinXeed, Golden Resurrection) and more.

Azoria landed a deal with King Records in Japan and for the rest of the world Doolittle Group who will handle the release of Azoria´s excellent debut album Season Change. The band is ready to tour and rock the houses during 2014!

1. Just like the phoenix
2. Inside My Heart
3. Seasons Change
4. Prophecy
5. To the Land Of Glory
6. When you sleep
7. Love It Loud
8. Starlight
9. Peace of Mind

Alex Oriz - Lead Guitars
Chris David - Bass
Simon J - Rythm Guitars
Emil Eriksson - Drums