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Current Campaigns!

Right now we have a huge sellout on some of our backlist. The prices starts from $2.99!

We have also (as a request from our customers) added the option to buy all products with or without Jewelcase. You will save $1 if you buy the CD's without Jewelcase and also save some on the freight, a win-win-win for all.

You can, of course, still order the CD's with the Jewelcase. Most of our products are plastic wrapped, for your convenience.

Apart from that we also have another campaign starting the 8th of april 2013. 

If you place an order for $20 or more you can add the CD: DOT HARD SAMPLER to your cart.

Simply just type SAMPLER upon checkout to get this Sampler for free. (It will be shown as a full $9.99 discount on your order!)

It contains full songs from the bands:

My Endless Wishes
Swedish Hitz Goes Metal
Mean Streak
Black Rose
Golden Resurrection
Shadows Past
Charlie Shred
No Possession Blues
Johnny Lennartsson Group
Pelle K

Happy Shopping!